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What to Do When HR is the Bully: Navigating Problems with Human Resources

What to Do When HR is the Problem, the Bully, or Refuses to Help

In the office, the human resources department is your first line of defense when faced with employment discrimination, workplace bullying and harassment, and a slew of other work-related issues. But what if HR is the bully or refuses to help you? This makes for a difficult and sometimes awkward situation, but fortunately, you have options. Here are clear steps you should take if your human resources department is unhelpful or if it is part of the problem.

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Workplace Bullying: 4 Harmful Effects on Employees

How Workplace Bullying Effects Employees

Tens of millions of American workers have been targets of bullying in the workplace – and their health is deteriorating because of it. The effects of workplace bullying brought on by either a bad boss or coworker typically do not end if you leave your job, either. Studies have shown that if you face ongoing bullying and harassment, you will likely suffer from physical and psychological health issues after you leave a hostile work environment. Here are just some of the long-term effects that can result from workplace bullying.

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Can You Sue Your Boss for Being a Bully?

Can You Sue Your Boss for Working Bullying?If your boss is making your work environment hostile by directing belittling comments at you, shouting, teasing or causing physical harm to you or other employees, you may wonder what you can do about it. While some people think that they can sue their boss for being a bully, the fact of the matter is that bullying itself is not prohibited by federal or California law. However, there are certain instances where workplace bullying can result in legal protection for employees.

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How to Complain to HR About Your Boss – Infographic

Do you have a horrible boss? If you notice these warning signs of a hostile work environment, you should complain to HR. All employees have certain rights under California and federal employment laws, and company HR representatives are required to ensure that your boss adheres to strict policies that combat illegal behaviors in the workplace.

But before you complain about abuse or mistreatment at work, it’s important for employees to understand the proper ways to talk to HR about workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment.

Our latest infographic shares a quick checklist to help you prepare for your initial discussion with HR.

How to Complain to HR About Your Boss Infographic

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What Constitutes Workplace Bullying?

Workplace Bullying Definition
Photo Credit: Kompania Piwowarska via Compfight cc

As adults, we are familiar with bullying that happened at school while growing up, and now online bullying that today’s children and teens often face. But it may surprise you that bullying can occur in the workplace, as well.

Not only is workplace bullying disruptive to workflow, but it can cause unfair abuse to workers, plus create a hostile work environment that may lead to harassment claims against an employer.

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Workplace Bullying: Online Anti-Bullying Resources for Employees

Workplace Bullying Resources for EmployeesOne in four employees is affected by workplace bullying, and many suffer from this type of harassment in silence. While bullying itself is not yet against the law, anti-bullying legislative measures are being taken into consideration all across the country. Plus, anti-bullying organizations and online resources are available to those who don’t know how to deal with workplace bullying on their own.

The following online workplace bullying resources will help you understand the signs that constitute bullying, provide links to anti-bullying books for further reading, and even resources for your employer to help them promote a psychologically healthy workplace.

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23 Common Signs You’re Being Bullied at Work

Common Signs You're Being Bullied at WorkDid you know that one in four employees is affected by workplace bullying? In fact, you could be a victim and not even realize it until it’s too late. This is because bullying in the workplace often occurs in very subtle ways.

While many people think that workplace bullying is rather blatant, the truth is that quite often, it actually occurs slowly and over an extended period of time. Many employees suffer from this mistreatment in silence. So what are the most common signs you’re being bullied at work?

This article will help you understand the subtle and overt signs of workplace bullying, plus shed some light on workplace bullying and harassment laws in California.

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Hostile Work Environment Laws in California: What You Need to Know

Do you think you may be a victim of a hostile work environment? If so, your employer could be violating federal and California employment laws for subjecting you to illegal workplace harassment. But taking legal action on these harassing behaviors can get a little tricky. This is because workers who claim hostile working conditions may not know that this type of harassment is illegal only if it is based on a protected characteristic (race, age, national origin, sex, religion, disability and so on) of the employee. In a hostile work environment, harassment must also meet a certain level of severity, that is, it must be either “severe” or “pervasive.” This means that only a small number of workplace hostility claims actually satisfy the legal definition of workplace discrimination and harassment. So how do you know when your employer is truly violating the law?

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True Stories of Workplace Bullying: Case Examples to Help You Understand Your Rights

Workplace Bullying Real Case ExamplesDo you think you’re being bullied at work? If so, your workplace bully could be violating California and Federal law due to their harassing behaviors. While bullying itself is not unlawful, there are anti-bullying legislative measures being brought to the forefront all across the country, including the Healthy Workplace Bill. In addition to anti-bullying legislation, the Workplace Bullying Institute is also striving to eradicate bullying on the job by dedicating their efforts to anti-bullying education, research, and consulting for individuals, professionals, employers, and organizations.

Workplace bullying comes in many forms and can be unlawful if this type of harassment is based on an employee’s national origin, age, gender, disability, or other protected characteristics. Bullies also typically engage in these unlawful behaviors more than once rather than in isolated incidents.

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Workplace Bullying Laws in California: Know Your Rights

Workplace Bullying Laws in California - Know Your RightsHave you been suffering from workplace bullying and harassment in California? If so, this behavior could be violating California Labor Law. While California was the first state in the nation to introduce anti-bullying legislation back in 2003 with the Healthy Workplace Bill, it is important to know that workplace bullying still occurs. And while bullying itself is not unlawful, workplace harassment due to your sex, national origin, disability, age, race, religion and a variety of other factors is illegal. So what are your employee rights under California Labor Law when it comes to workplace bullying?

This article will inform you on the basics you need to know about workplace bullying, common signs you’re being subjected to workplace bullying and harassment, and when to file a workplace harassment complaint.

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