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Tesla Fires Engineer Who Sued for Sexual Harassment & Gender Discrimination in California

Tesla Fires Female Employee Who Sued for Sexual Harassment Gender Discrimination in California

Tesla recently fired a female engineer who sued the auto manufacturer for sexual harassment and gender discrimination last fall. In February, AJ Vandermeyden went public with her claims during an interview with The Guardian. Tesla recently terminated Vandermeyden after conducting an investigation into her allegations, and now the company could face a workplace retaliation lawsuit.

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UploadVR Sued for Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination in California

UploadVR Sued for Sexual Harassment Gender Discrimination in California

The lawsuits seem to be never-ending when it comes to Silicon Valley tech startups and their mistreatment of female employees. Recently, virtual reality and co-working startup UploadVR was sued for sexual harassment, sex and gender discrimination, and wrongful termination by a former female employee. And the allegations against the tech company are disturbing.

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What to Do if You are Being Sexually Harassed at Work

Are You Being Sexually Harassed at Work? Here's What to Do

California has laws that protect employees from being sexually harassed in the workplace. Employees are protected from unwanted sexual advances, a hostile work environment, and from their employers using sexual favors as a condition of the benefit of employment. If you believe that you have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, you need to take action immediately. What follows are the steps a California employee should take if he or she is subjected to sexual harassment at work.

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Sexual Harassment Claims by Former Uber Engineer to Be Investigated

Former Uber Engineer's Sexual Harassment Claims to Be InvestigatedOn February 19, 2017, a former Uber engineer by the name of Susan Fowler Rigetti published a blog post about her strange year working for the ride-hailing service. The article details a string of sexual harassment and discrimination allegations, including one that Rigetti experienced almost immediately after beginning work in her new role. According to Rigetti, she brought this and other incidences of harassment to Uber’s HR department, yet Rigetti claims that nothing was done to stop the ongoing harassment that she – and other women – experienced.

Uber’s Chief Human Resources Officer Liane Hornsey has now been ordered to conduct an urgent investigation into the matter. Uber’s Chief Executive, Travis Kalanick, has also hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to help lead the investigation into Rigetti’s claims.

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Former UC Berkeley Law School Dean Accused of Sexual Harassment Sues School for Race Discrimination

Former UC Berkeley Law School Dean Sues for Race Discrimination
Photo Credit: Antanith Flickr via Compfight cc

Former UC Berkeley Law School Dean Sujit Choudhry, who resigned amidst allegations of sexual harassment and preferential treatment, claims that he is the victim of race discrimination.

In 2014 and 2015, Mr. Choudhry’s former assistant, Tyann Sorrell, claims that he repeatedly harassed her through unsolicited touches that included hugs, kisses and arm rubs. At a University disciplinary hearing, Mr. Choudhry admitted to most of the allegations, but denied some of the specifics. The University ordered him to forfeit one-tenth of his $415,000 annual salary, apologize to Ms. Sorrell, and seek counseling. Ms. Sorrell subsequently filed a federal lawsuit, claiming that she had been sexually harassed and that UC Berkeley essentially gave Mr. Choudhry “a slap on the wrist” in response. In the wake of that action, Mr. Choudhry resigned as dean but remained a tenured professor of law.

After University President Janet Napolitano sought additional sanctions against Mr. Choudhry, including removing his tenure and not giving him any classes to teach, he filed his own lawsuit. He alleged that white tenured professors accused of sexual harassment faced lesser punishment and that the University could not discipline him again over the same matter.

Mr. Choudhry demands unspecified damages and an injunction against further University disciplinary proceedings.

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The Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes: An Analysis

Sexual Harassment Complaint Filed Against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes
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Roger Ailes, former chairman and CEO of Fox News Corporation, has been in the news lately over an allegation of sexual harassment against him by his former employee and news celebrity, Gretchen Carlson. Roger Ailes has stepped down from his job at Fox, but he still needs to defend against Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit in a New Jersey court. And, as The Los Angeles Times reports, this could be the beginning of more lawsuits against Fox alleging sexual harassment during Ailes’ tenure.

To better understand this notable lawsuit, we’ll take a look at the sexual harassment complaint and break down what it means.

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Gender Discrimination in the Workplace: 6 Harmful Effects

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace - Harmful Effects
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Discrimination on the basis of gender is a widespread issue in American workplaces. And too often, employers focus on only one kind of harm that discrimination can cause to an organization: legal liability.

But every aspect of a firm’s effectiveness can be hurt by discrimination. And employees can suffer from devastating effects of gender discrimination long after they are subjected to it at work.Here are just a few of the harmful effects that workplace gender discrimination can cause.

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Wrongful Termination in California: Rock Star Eddie Money Sued for Discrimination and Harassment by Former Drummer

Wrongful Termination Eddie Money Sued for Discrimination and HarassmentA wrongful termination lawsuit was recently filed against Eddie Money by former employee Glenn Symmonds, and Symmonds’fiancée Tami Landrum. Symmonds was once employed as the famed rocker’s drummer.

The lawsuit levels an abundance of accusations against Money, including discrimination based on age, disability, medical condition, plus sexual harassment claims by Landrum. Included in the accusations against the musician are also complaints of battery, assault and false imprisonment.

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Sexual Harassment Cases in California: PF Chang’s Faces New Claims

Less than two years ago, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Inc. faced sexual harassment claims from two female employees who were then awarded $500,000 each in arbitration against the Chinese restaurant chain. And now, at least four more women have filed sexual harassment claims in Southern California alleging that they were sexually harassed at P.F. Chang’s restaurants located in Beverly Hills, Riverside, Chino Hills and Anaheim.

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