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Tesla Fires Engineer Who Sued for Sexual Harassment & Gender Discrimination in California

Tesla Fires Female Employee Who Sued for Sexual Harassment Gender Discrimination in California

Tesla recently fired a female engineer who sued the auto manufacturer for sexual harassment and gender discrimination last fall. In February, AJ Vandermeyden went public with her claims during an interview with The Guardian. Tesla recently terminated Vandermeyden after conducting an investigation into her allegations, and now the company could face a workplace retaliation lawsuit.

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UploadVR Sued for Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination in California

UploadVR Sued for Sexual Harassment Gender Discrimination in California

The lawsuits seem to be never-ending when it comes to Silicon Valley tech startups and their mistreatment of female employees. Recently, virtual reality and co-working startup UploadVR was sued for sexual harassment, sex and gender discrimination, and wrongful termination by a former female employee. And the allegations against the tech company are disturbing.

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Sexual Harassment Claims by Former Uber Engineer to Be Investigated

Former Uber Engineer's Sexual Harassment Claims to Be InvestigatedOn February 19, 2017, a former Uber engineer by the name of Susan Fowler Rigetti published a blog post about her strange year working for the ride-hailing service. The article details a string of sexual harassment and discrimination allegations, including one that Rigetti experienced almost immediately after beginning work in her new role. According to Rigetti, she brought this and other incidences of harassment to Uber’s HR department, yet Rigetti claims that nothing was done to stop the ongoing harassment that she – and other women – experienced.

Uber’s Chief Human Resources Officer Liane Hornsey has now been ordered to conduct an urgent investigation into the matter. Uber’s Chief Executive, Travis Kalanick, has also hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to help lead the investigation into Rigetti’s claims.

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Southern California Principal Files Gender Discrimination Suit After Being Demoted for Pregnancy

California Principal Files Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Claiming Demotion Due to Pregnancy
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A woman has filed a sex and gender discrimination lawsuit against a Southern California school district claiming that she was demoted after announcing her pregnancy.

Christine Castillo was just a few weeks into her new position and “dream job” as the principal of the La Cañada Elementary School when she announced that she was expecting a child.

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5 Common Signs of Gender Bias in the Workplace

Gender Bias at Work Common Signs and Examples
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Gender bias in the workplace is a hot issue, and for good reason. When gender discrimination and harassment occurs at work, employees suffer greatly from its negative effects. Not only can gender bias result in lost productivity, unequal wages, and hostile work environments, companies may suffer from bad reputations when employment lawsuits are brought by affected workers.

The following signs of gender bias in the workplace will help you recognize when it may be appropriate to speak up to your employer about sex and gender discrimination or seek help from an experienced employment attorney.

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What Rights Do Transgender Employees Have in the California Workplace?

Transgender Employee Rights Laws in the California Workplace
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Transgender issues have taken the country by storm this year. Individual states have vastly different positions on transgender issues, including the rights that transgender employees have in the workplace.

At present, there are no federal laws that protect transgender employees from workplace discrimination or harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity, so it is up to the individual states to provide transgender employees with legal protections concerning harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Fortunately, California has some of the strongest transgender rights laws in the nation.

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California Restaurants Launch First Transgender Jobs Program

California Restaurants Launch Transgender Jobs Program
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Transgender people face some big challenges when it comes to harassment and discrimination on both personal and professional levels. And the negative impact stemming from violence and prejudiced actions on these individuals can have damaging, life-long effects.

To stand up to transgender discrimination in the workplace, some restaurant owners in California have decided to form a transgender jobs program that connects restaurants with transgender people who are looking for work.

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California Assembly Bill 1676 Will Help Combat the Gender Pay Gap Problem

California Assembly Bill 1676
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According to some, California is now playing second fiddle to Massachusetts when it comes to equal pay based on gender. But Governor Jerry Brown recently signed California Assembly Bill 1676 into law. The new employment law bill that breezed through the Legislature (with practically no opposition) prohibits employers from solely using an applicant’s salary history to justify wage disparity.

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7 Key Gender Pay Gap Statistics – Infographic

Gender Pay Gap Statistics

CLICK HERE for the gender pay gap statistics infographic.

In 1963, the Equal Pay Act was signed into law, yet women still earn significantly less than men while performing the same or substantially similar work. And despite California having some of the toughest equal pay laws in the entire nation, female workers in the Golden State still earn less than their male counterparts.

Our latest infographic includes seven important and unfortunate statistics on the ongoing gender pay gap problem in the United States.

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California AB 1890: A New Attempt to Close the Wage Gap

California AB 1890 Attempts to Close Wage GapAB 1890 is a pending bill that would offer more equal pay opportunities to private sector employees in California. The bill would do this by requiring California contractors that employ 100 or more workers to submit pay equity reports on an annual basis, detailing total compensation earned by every employee, with gender, race and job category clearly defined.

This pending fair pay law follows the California Fair Pay Act which went into effect in January 2016.

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