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Facebook Employees Sue Social Networking Giant for Race Discrimination

Facebook Sued for Race Discrimination by Two Black EmployeesFacebook has been sued by two employees after not responding to their repeated complaints of workplace harassment at a company data center in North Carolina. CNET reports that the race discrimination lawsuit filed on November 22, 2016 in US District Court for the Northern District of California alleges that Facebook allowed retaliation against two black employees who reported discrimination “to fester and continue” despite the workers’ many complaints.

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Former UC Berkeley Employee Sues University for Race and Age Discrimination

UC Berkeley Sued for Race and Age Discrimination by Former EmployeeMakalia Aga, a former employee of UC Berkeley who worked as an administrative assistant for the school’s statistics department, recently filed a workplace discrimination and retaliation lawsuit alleging that she was terminated from her role after reporting age discrimination and race discrimination.

According to the suit, Aga had applied for an open Financial Services Analyst II position in the campus’ statistics department, but was denied an interview despite having exceeded the minimum requirements for the role and filing an application on time.

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Former UC Berkeley Law School Dean Accused of Sexual Harassment Sues School for Race Discrimination

Former UC Berkeley Law School Dean Sues for Race Discrimination
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Former UC Berkeley Law School Dean Sujit Choudhry, who resigned amidst allegations of sexual harassment and preferential treatment, claims that he is the victim of race discrimination.

In 2014 and 2015, Mr. Choudhry’s former assistant, Tyann Sorrell, claims that he repeatedly harassed her through unsolicited touches that included hugs, kisses and arm rubs. At a University disciplinary hearing, Mr. Choudhry admitted to most of the allegations, but denied some of the specifics. The University ordered him to forfeit one-tenth of his $415,000 annual salary, apologize to Ms. Sorrell, and seek counseling. Ms. Sorrell subsequently filed a federal lawsuit, claiming that she had been sexually harassed and that UC Berkeley essentially gave Mr. Choudhry “a slap on the wrist” in response. In the wake of that action, Mr. Choudhry resigned as dean but remained a tenured professor of law.

After University President Janet Napolitano sought additional sanctions against Mr. Choudhry, including removing his tenure and not giving him any classes to teach, he filed his own lawsuit. He alleged that white tenured professors accused of sexual harassment faced lesser punishment and that the University could not discipline him again over the same matter.

Mr. Choudhry demands unspecified damages and an injunction against further University disciplinary proceedings.

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California AB 1890: A New Attempt to Close the Wage Gap

California AB 1890 Attempts to Close Wage GapAB 1890 is a pending bill that would offer more equal pay opportunities to private sector employees in California. The bill would do this by requiring California contractors that employ 100 or more workers to submit pay equity reports on an annual basis, detailing total compensation earned by every employee, with gender, race and job category clearly defined.

This pending fair pay law follows the California Fair Pay Act which went into effect in January 2016.

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Reverse Discrimination: White Woman Sues Getty Foundation After Being Denied Internship

A woman has sued the Getty Foundation alleging she was turned down for its Multicultural Undergraduate Internship because she is white.

Samantha Neimann filed the discrimination lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on April 29 where she accused the Getty of violating her civil rights, racial discrimination and harassment, plus retaliation. Niemann seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

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Laws Against Racial Profiling in California: Common Questions

Racial Profiling Laws in California - Common QuestionsIn an important step toward upholding civil liberties of Californians, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a new racial profiling bill last October that seeks to eradicate racial bias across the state. While many people think we are living in a post-racial era, recent news headlines regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, and EEOC charge statistics show race discrimination is still a major problem. This is why the bill that Gov. Brown signed into law is such a crucial piece to battling race discrimination in California and beyond.

But what are California racial profiling laws, exactly?And can racial profiling occur in the workplace? This article will answer these common questions and more to help you understand your rights.

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National Origin Discrimination vs. Race Discrimination: What’s the Difference?

Are you thinking about suing your employer for race discrimination? While this type of unlawful employer behavior is the most common in the United States according to current EEOC charge statistics, you may want to reassess your situation before contacting an employment attorney. This is because, while race and national origin often overlap, many employees mistake race discrimination for national origin discrimination. And although they may sound the same, California and federal employment laws address each protected class separately. This common mistake is easy to make since your race is usually connected to your national origin. So, how do you know if you’re being subjected to workplace discrimination due to your race, or if it’s related to your national origin?

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Racial Discrimination in the Workplace: 10 Surprising Facts – Infographic

Race Discrimination in the Workplace - 10 Surprising Facts

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Do you think you could be a victim of race discrimination? Sadly, you are not alone. Although workplace discrimination due to your race or ethnicity is unlawful under both California and Federal law, it still happens quite often all across the country. In fact, tens of thousands of race discrimination charges are filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) each year.

If you think this information is surprising, take a look at our helpful race discrimination infographic that details ten more facts and stats about racial discrimination in the workplace.

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