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How Do I Make an Internal Complaint with HR in California?

How Do I Make an Internal Workplace Complaint with HR in California?
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An employee who feels wronged by an employer may want to make an internal complaint with their human resources department in order to stop workplace discrimination or harassment in its tracks. However, many workers are frightened about heading to HR to file a complaint for a myriad of reasons; whether they feel that HR won’t take them seriously, or even retaliate against them.

While making an internal complaint with HR may be scary, it is crucial for you to stand up for your rights if you feel that your employer is violating California or federal employment laws. But what is the best way to file an internal complaint with HR? Follow these tips if you are considering heading to HR to make sure that your internal complaint is heard and responded to appropriately.

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What to Do When HR is the Bully: Navigating Problems with Human Resources

What to Do When HR is the Problem, the Bully, or Refuses to Help

In the office, the human resources department is your first line of defense when faced with employment discrimination, workplace bullying and harassment, and a slew of other work-related issues. But what if HR is the bully or refuses to help you? This makes for a difficult and sometimes awkward situation, but fortunately, you have options. Here are clear steps you should take if your human resources department is unhelpful or if it is part of the problem.

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How to Complain to HR About Your Boss – Infographic

Do you have a horrible boss? If you notice these warning signs of a hostile work environment, you should complain to HR. All employees have certain rights under California and federal employment laws, and company HR representatives are required to ensure that your boss adheres to strict policies that combat illegal behaviors in the workplace.

But before you complain about abuse or mistreatment at work, it’s important for employees to understand the proper ways to talk to HR about workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment.

Our latest infographic shares a quick checklist to help you prepare for your initial discussion with HR.

How to Complain to HR About Your Boss Infographic

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Discussing Politics at Work: Can You Be Penalized For Your Political Opinion this 2016 Election Season?

Politics at Work: What Every Employee Needs to Know This Election Season
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The 2016 election cycle may be causing greater tension over politics at work. According to a poll by the Society on Human Resource Management (SHRM), 26% of HR professionals polled perceived a greater amount of workplace volatility this election cycle. Perhaps this isn’t surprising, considering the increasingly confrontational rhetoric in the political sphere. The growing tensions over this year’s election could cause more heated discussions amongst employees, leading to divisive workplace relations.

These kinds of issues arising from political activity at work could also lead to a breakdown in workplace cohesion and teamwork if your employer doesn’t manage them properly.

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How to Talk to HR About Workplace Harassment

How to Talk to HR About Workplace Harassment
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Both California and Federal employment laws offer employees a slew of protections, plus require HR departments to adhere to certain guidelines. Over the past seven-plus years, President Obama has done what all prior presidents have done, and what all future presidents will do: He has appointed people to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other agencies that share his vision. These appointments have a trickle-down effect, because the leaders hire people who share their vision as well: to protect employees from illegal workplace harassment.

However, before aggrieved California employees go to the EEOC or DFEH to file employment discrimination or harassment claims, they often first speak to internal human resources managers in order to resolve disputes in a more low-key manner. But what are the proper ways to talk to HR about harassment at work?

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EEOC Releases Final Rules on Wellness Programs Under ADA, GINA

EEOC Releases Final Rules on Wellness Programs Under ADA and GINAOn May 16, 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released its final rules under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) on employer-sponsored wellness programs. The final guidelines now give employers clearer direction on the compliance of employee wellness programs under the ADA and GINA. Read More…

25 HR Twitter Accounts Employees Need to Follow Right Now – Infographic

25 HR Twitter Accounts Employees Need to Follow Right Now - HR Infographic

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The journey through employer and employee dynamics can be a tough road to navigate, whether you’re new to your job or have held your position for years. While our employment attorneys can offer a helping hand when it comes to employment discrimination and other employment law matters, your workplace’s human resources department can help with minor work-related issues. Even social networking sites like Twitter offer real-time information on HR topics employees should be following regularly.

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21 Employment Law Twitter Accounts Every Employee Should Follow – Infographic

21 Employment Law Twitter Accounts Every Employee Should Follow

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As an employee, you likely know your basic rights that are protected against workplace discrimination, harassment and employer retaliation under federal law. But beyond that, it can be difficult to understand certain legal terms, as well as employment and labor laws themselves. Thankfully, social media sites like Twitter are filled with free information and helpful resources for employees that wish to research topics related to employment law.

In addition to offering employees helpful information on our Twitter account (@Hennig_Ruiz), we decided to create an infographic that lists our favorite employment law Twitter handles. From employment law news sites, to labor and employment law attorneys, and employee rights advocates, you’re sure to find some helpful insights into employment law by following these active and engaging accounts.

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6 HR Blogs Every Employee Should Be Reading

6 HR Blogs Every Employee Should ReadNavigating the ins and outs of complex employer and employee dynamics can be difficult. Whether you just landed your first entry-level position, or have worked hard for a number of years to land that dream job, you can face employment discrimination – or even retaliation if you decide to take a stand against illegal conduct. Thankfully, state and federal law with the help of skilled employment lawyers can protect your rights, but where should you seek answers to your questions about other work-related issues?

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