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Top Reasons Why Employees Sue Their Employer

Top Reasons Why Employees Sue Their Employer

Employees sue their employers for a variety of reasons, and generally seek advice from an employment attorney if they have a sense that their rights have been violated due to a protected characteristic. Many employees do not know what federal or California employment laws entail, but want to ensure that justice is served and their dignity is restored. If you are thinking about suing your boss, it can be helpful to know some of the most common reasons why other employees sue their employers.

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Workplace Bullying: 4 Harmful Effects on Employees

How Workplace Bullying Effects Employees

Tens of millions of American workers have been targets of bullying in the workplace – and their health is deteriorating because of it. The effects of workplace bullying brought on by either a bad boss or coworker typically do not end if you leave your job, either. Studies have shown that if you face ongoing bullying and harassment, you will likely suffer from physical and psychological health issues after you leave a hostile work environment. Here are just some of the long-term effects that can result from workplace bullying.

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Stress at Work: How to Manage Workplace Stress

How to Manage Workplace Stress
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We all experience work-related stress from time to time, whether it stems from a demanding boss, challenging assignments, or pressures to meet tight deadlines. But while these situations are common, it is important for all employees to know that chronic job stress can negatively impact our mental and physical health. According to the APA Center for Organizational Excellence, 65 percent of American employees have cited work as a significant source of stress, and more than one-third of these workers also reported chronic stress due to their jobs.

If you feel that your work environment is negatively impacting you to the point that your health is suffering, the following tips may help you manage workplace stress and understand how state and federal employment laws can protect you from stressors caused by illegal employer behaviors.

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10 Common Signs of a Hostile Work Environment – Infographic

Hostile working conditions can result in a workplace harassment claim against an employer if the negative conduct is motivated by an employee’s protected characteristics as defined under employment laws including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), among others.

An employee may be subjected to workplace bullying or an unlawful hostile work environment if the employee experiences intolerable working conditions due to offensive, oppressive or intimidating conduct by a supervisor or other employees. This is especially true if the environment interferes with any worker’s ability to perform his or her job. But how do you know if your work environment is actually hostile?

Our latest hostile work environment infographic shares common signs that your work environment may be toxic enough for you to file a workplace harassment claim.

Signs of a Hostile Work Environment InfographicClick here to download and share this free infographic. 
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The Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes: An Analysis

Sexual Harassment Complaint Filed Against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes
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Roger Ailes, former chairman and CEO of Fox News Corporation, has been in the news lately over an allegation of sexual harassment against him by his former employee and news celebrity, Gretchen Carlson. Roger Ailes has stepped down from his job at Fox, but he still needs to defend against Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit in a New Jersey court. And, as The Los Angeles Times reports, this could be the beginning of more lawsuits against Fox alleging sexual harassment during Ailes’ tenure.

To better understand this notable lawsuit, we’ll take a look at the sexual harassment complaint and break down what it means.

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Can You Sue Your Employer for Workplace Stress?

Can You Sue Your Employer for Workplace Stress?
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Many people have challenging jobs and feel certain pressures due to work. However, if that pressure increases to the point that you are suffering from physical or emotional ailments such as anxiety, depression, alcoholism or other adverse reactions, then you are likely being subjected to much more than just typical job-related challenges.

Excessive workplace stress can become a serious threat to your health. According to recent research by Harvard and Stanford Business Schools, problems stemming from workplace stress such as hypertension, decreased mental health and cardiovascular disease can kill about 120,000 people each year.

No one should be subjected to a work environment that needlessly causes their health to decline. But can you actually sue your employer for workplace stress? This article will help you understand the causes of job-related stress and how your employee rights may be protected under California and federal employment laws.

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Hostile Work Environment: Examples and What to Do About It

Hostile Work Environment Examples and What to Do
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There are various issues that can arise in the workplace regarding harassment and discrimination. One of these issues is when an employer or coworker engages in behaviors that cause hostile working conditions.

Before you try to file a hostile work environment claim, you should know that this type of harassment is generally illegal only if the reason for the negative behavior is based on a protected characteristic such as race, age, gender, national origin, religion or disability.

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Hostile Work Environment Laws in California: What You Need to Know

Do you think you may be a victim of a hostile work environment? If so, your employer could be violating federal and California employment laws for subjecting you to illegal workplace harassment. But taking legal action on these harassing behaviors can get a little tricky. This is because workers who claim hostile working conditions may not know that this type of harassment is illegal only if it is based on a protected characteristic (race, age, national origin, sex, religion, disability and so on) of the employee. In a hostile work environment, harassment must also meet a certain level of severity, that is, it must be either “severe” or “pervasive.” This means that only a small number of workplace hostility claims actually satisfy the legal definition of workplace discrimination and harassment. So how do you know when your employer is truly violating the law?

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