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California Immigration Laws: What Employees Need to Know

California Immigration Laws and Employee Rights
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Immigration laws are getting a lot of attention lately, with many wondering what their rights are under current laws. Fortunately, all workers are guaranteed certain rights in California, regardless of immigration status. Read on to learn more about California immigration laws and your rights as an immigrant worker.

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How Using Social Media Can Get You Fired in California

How Using Social Media at Work Can Get You Fired in California
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Nowadays, we are hyper-connected because of social media platforms that are easily accessible on both computers and mobile devices. Practically all employees have access to the Internet as part of their job in some capacity, and must fight the urge to update or check their social media pages while working. This is because there are several ways that using social media at work can get you fired in California.

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Can You Be Fired for Dating a Co-Worker in California?

Can You Be Fired for Dating a Coworker in California?The average California employee spends more than forty hours a week working, which leaves little time to meet new people and develop a love interest. As a result, many employees find themselves interested in a fellow co-worker and wonder if they are allowed to date their co-workers without getting into trouble, or worse – fired. But can you be fired for dating a co-worker in California? Every case is unique, but generally speaking, you cannot be fired solely for dating a co-worker in California.

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Can a California Employer Check a Job Applicant’s Credit During a Pre-Employment Background Check?

California Credit Check Laws in Employment
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When you are applying for a job, it goes without saying that a potential employer will likely conduct a pre-employment background check before making a hiring decision. But when an employer asks you to submit information for a consumer credit check during the pre-employment process, it might strike fear in your heart. Perhaps you have been unemployed for a while and your credit has suffered. Or perhaps you made some bad money decisions in the past that have negatively impacted your credit score. If your potential employer uses your credit rating as a factor in hiring, it could cause even more financial problems for you if you are not hired due to your credit.

So can a California employer lawfully check your credit during the hiring process? It may surprise you that sometimes, they actually can.

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What is the Statute of Limitations for Employment Discrimination Claims?

Statute of Limitations for Employment Discrimination Claims
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The legend of Damocles goes back well over 2,000 years to a time when King Dionysius ruled part of Italy. You may be familiar with this story where Damocles became jealous of the king’s wealth and power. So, Dionysius offered to exchange places with his subject. Damocles readily accepted, and sat on the throne surrounded by opulence and majesty. Unbeknownst to him, however, Dionysius arranged for a sword to hang over the throne suspended only by a horse’s hair. According to the tale, Damocles quickly learned his lesson – with great power comes great danger – and he returned to his previous position with newfound gratitude.

Throughout much of history, “the sword of Damocles” meant that with great power comes great responsibility. There is a “sword of Damocles” when it comes to employment law as well, and it is the threat of litigation. To prevent employees or employers from operating in perpetual fear of a lawsuit over a certain matter, courts established statutes of limitation that cut off the right to sue after a certain amount of time passes.

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