Employment Discrimination

Our law firm all aspects of Employment Discrimination under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).  California’s anti-discrimination laws were generally written to provide greater protection from discrimination than Federal law, and as a result, our office uses those laws to help protect workers and obtain compensation for legal violations committed by employers against their employees.

What is Employment Discrimination?

Employment Discrimination takes a variety of forms, but generally involves an employee being subjected to negative treatment in the workplace because of their membership in a protected class.  This treatment ranges from disciplinary action, negative performance reviews, denial of training, denial of promotions, denial of raises, and termination.  Our attorneys represent clients who are victims of all forms of Discrimination.

Types of Workplace Discrimination

Our FEHA Discrimination practice encompasses all aspects of Workplace Discrimination under California law, including:

• Racial or Ethnic Discrimination
• Disability Discrimination
• National Origin Discrimination
• Age Discrimination
• Sex or Gender Discrimination
• Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Pregnancy Discrimination
• Religious Discrimination

If you believe that you are or have been subjected to Employment Discrimination, you should document the Discrimination and follow your employer’s internal policies or procedures for making a complaint.  A record of discriminatory treatment and documentation of complaints is key evidence in any claim for Discrimination. If you believe that you may have been subjected to Discrimination, you may contact our offices for a free consultation.

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