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Sexual Orientation Discrimination Prohibited Under Title VII According to Seventh Circuit

Sexual Orientation Discrimination Prohibited by Title VII, Seventh Circuit Rules

On April 4 2017, a federal appeals court in Chicago ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LGBT employees from sexual orientation discrimination. Prior to this 8-3 decision by the Seventh Circuit, no other federal courts of appeal had ruled that mistreatment of employees based on sexual orientation was unlawful under Title VII.

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Former Trader Joe’s Employee Files Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawsuit in Los Angeles

Former Trader Joe's Employee Files Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawsuit in Los AngelesA former Trader Joe’s store manager recently filed a sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit in the Los Angeles County Superior Court against the specialty grocery store. The suit alleges that the beloved manager was fired by Regional Vice-President Caroline Judd because she is gay.

Long-term employee Sandy Holm had worked at Trader Joe’s for 15 years and was “heart-broken” because she loved the company and “did anything and everything that was ever asked” of her.

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LGBT Inequality in the Workplace: Common Issues

LGBT Inequality in the Workplace
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Despite recent victories for LGBT civil rights, many obstacles remain in the workplace cry out for legal remedies. Currently, about 21% of LGBT employees report workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation with respect to hiring, promotion and pay.

Of all discrimination complaints, about 1 in 25 come from LGBT workers. And sadly, many LGBT employees still remain closeted at work for fear of discrimination or alienation from coworkers. 40% of LGBT employees experience harassment at work, and the numbers are even higher for transgender people — 90% of whom face workplace discrimination.

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California Sexual Orientation Discrimination Laws: Common Questions

Sexual Orientation Discrimination Laws Common QuestionsIf you are being discriminated against on the job due to your sexual orientation, you’re not alone. While California and federal laws protect employees from illegal sexual orientation discrimination, recent statistics show that this type of discrimination and harassment still occurs in the workplace.

While it may be difficult to replace the dignity that you have lost due to this common type of workplace discrimination, know that California law is on your side. This article answers questions regarding California’s sexual orientation discrimination laws which can help you understand your employee rights.

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7 LGBT Organizations in Los Angeles That You May Not Have Heard Of

Los Angeles LGBT Organizations You May Not Have Heard OfIf you’re a Los Angeles resident, you likely know that California has some of the strongest LGBT anti-discrimination laws in the entire nation. But even though California’s LGBT rights laws started to receive recognition as early as the 1960s, recent EEOC charge statistics show that sexual orientation discrimination still occurs in the workplace, even in California.

Thankfully, there are a large number of LGBT organizations in Los Angeles whose missions include empowering the LGBT community by combating discrimination and violence based upon sexual orientation. While we’ve already shared some of the most well-known Los Angeles LGBT organizations and transgender resources, we’ve decided to showcase seven more that you may not have heard of – until now.

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LGBT Rights Laws: Georgia Gov. Deal Vetoes HB 757 After California Puts on the Pressure

On Wednesday, March 16, the Georgia House approved changes to HB 757, a bill that would have protected opponents of same-sex marriage, and offered less civil and employee protections to the LGBTQ community. The changes in the bill would have allowed people to lawfully decline performing same-sex marriages, prevent government burden of religious belief and would have even made it lawful for Georgia employers to refuse jobs to workers because of their sexual orientation.

The bill’s ban on anti-discrimination protections prompted a slew of California’s biggest tech companies and politicians to urge Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to do the right thing by vetoing the bill. A few days later, after feeling the heat, Deal decided to veto HB 757.

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LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace: 8 Important Statistics

LGBT Workplace Discrimination Statistics - Infographic

CLICK HERE to download and share the full LGBT discrimination infographic.

On July 15, 2015, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) officially declared that Title VII’s prohibition on sex discrimination applies to discrimination based on sexual orientation. But even though federal and California state laws protect employees from unlawful workplace discrimination, statistics show that we have a long way to go when it comes to eradicating LGBT discrimination in the workplace.

Our helpful LGBT discrimination infographic includes important stats and facts you should know about the current state of LGBT discrimination and harassment in the United States.

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7 Empowering Transgender Resources & Organizations in Los Angeles

7 Los Angeles Transgender Resources and Organizations
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons user ParaDox

A growing number of transgender people in Los Angeles are deciding to come out and share their stories thanks to the increasing acceptance of transgender individuals. But even while LGBT tolerance is expanding on regional, national, and global levels, transgender people still face many issues that continue to affect the everyday lives of transgender individuals; from sexual orientation discrimination at work, to finding proper healthcare, and even combating violence based upon gender identity.

Thankfully a number of transgender organizations, support groups, and other resources are focused on improving the lives of transgender individuals living in Los Angeles and beyond. The following Los Angeles transgender resources are helping to empower LA’s transgender community through advocacy, community organizing, LGBT suicide prevention initiatives, educational opportunities to families of transgender individuals, and much more.

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5 LGBT Organizations in Los Angeles You Need to Know About

5-Los-Angeles-LGBT-Organizations-You-Need-To-Know-AboutAlmost every day a new headline appears in the media that highlights the LGBT community. Whether it’s an exclusive interview with a transgender celebrity, or the government striking down same-sex marriage bans all over the country, it is becoming increasingly clear that LGBT individuals are finally becoming accepted as valuable members of society.

Although progress is being made in the direction of acceptance and tolerance of LGBT Americans and their rights, there are still many issues that continue to affect the LGBT community in the areas of health, well-being, housing, education and employee rights.


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Sexual Orientation Discrimination in California: What LGBT Employees Should Know

If you’re an LGBT Californian and have been discriminated against due to your sexual orientation or gender identity in the workplace, you are not alone. Although it can be difficult to replace the dignity that may have been taken away from you due to this type of employment discrimination, State and Federal laws can protect you from sexual orientation discrimination at work.

This article will tell you some of what you will need to know about what constitutes sexual orientation discrimination in California and what you should to do right away if you’ve been subjected to these unlawful employment practices.

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