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Veteran LAPD Detective Awarded $1.5 Million in Workplace Retaliation Lawsuit

LAPD Detective Awarded $1.5 Million in Workplace Retaliation Lawsuit

A jury has awarded a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detective $1.5 million after he sued the city for workplace retaliation. The Los Angeles Times reports that LAPD Detective Jamie McBride claimed that he was denied advancement in his career because he refused to sign a false statement that was prepared by a federal prosecutor. McBride has been working for the LAPD since 1990.

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5 Common Forms of Workplace Retaliation

Workplace Retaliation Signs and ExamplesFact: you won’t always get along with your coworkers or boss. Occasional friction at work is inevitable for many of us, but there are times when these disagreements can turn hostile — and unlawful. For one, you may find yourself in a position to do what is right by defending a coworker who is facing discrimination. Or, you may need to speak up about illegal activities that are occurring in your workplace. If one day you engage in these, or other protected activities, you could very well become a victim of workplace retaliation by your employer, or even your coworkers.

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Workplace Retaliation: Can Defending your Coworker Lead to a Firing?


Can an employer fire you for defending a colleague? Even if you had the best intentions for defending one of your colleagues; whether the individual was demoted, fired or even harassed on the job, your employer may still choose to fire you. However, the question you should be asking is this: Was your firing legal? If not, your employer may have subjected you to wrongful termination and retaliation.

In the state of California, you cannot legally be fired solely for protecting a coworker who has been facing workplace discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. But illegal firings still occur in the workplace.

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How to Prove Retaliation in the Workplace

prove-retaliation-workplace-californiaAll California workers have the right to be free of unreasonable and illegal retaliation for exercising their employee rights.

If you are an employee who is facing retaliation for speaking out about workplace discrimination against yourself or a coworker, your rights are protected under both Federal and California employment laws.

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Workplace Retaliation: EEOC Proposes New Guidelines

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently issued some proposed revisions to processing and investigating workplace retaliation charges, which would offer new protections to employees. Because retaliation claims continue to be the most common of all workplace discrimination charges (33,800 were filed in 2015), the new guidelines are sorely needed – especially since the retaliation guidance hasn’t been updated since 1998.

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Workplace Safety Laws in California: Common Questions

No matter what industry you work in, you deserve to have a safe workplace in which you can concentrate on doing your job rather than worrying about whether or not you will face an injury.

Thankfully, there are legal protections at the Federal and state level in California that are designed to protect you from unsafe working conditions. But how do you know if you’re being subjected to an unsafe environment at work?

This article will answer common questions about workplace safety laws in California to help you understand your employee rights.

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Workplace Retaliation Lawsuit: Los Angeles Police Department Employee Receives $1M

A Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) employee recently settled a retaliation lawsuit against the City when her employer violated both the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and Labor Code § 1102.5.

The plaintiff, Danielle Wells, received a $1 million settlement after alleging workplace discrimination, harassment and employer retaliation.

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California Employment Law AB 987: What Employees Need to Know

California Employment Law AB 987 Anti-Retaliation ProtectionsLast year, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a handful of employment law-related bills that give California employees more protections against unlawful employer retaliation. On January 1, 2016, AB 987 was just one of the new laws that went into effect, extending anti-retaliation protections to employees who request reasonable accommodations due to eithera disability or religious beliefs.

But how exactly does the new employment law protect California workers? This article will answer key questions about AB 987 to help you better understand your employee rights.

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Workplace Retaliation in California: Common Questions, Answered

Workplace Retaliation in California Common Questions and AnswersWhile most Californians know that both federal and state laws exist to protect employees from workplace discrimination and harassment, many still have specific questions about California employment laws – especially when they involve workplace retaliation and the adverse employment actions which characterize retaliation.

This article will answer common questions about workplace retaliation laws in California to help you better understand your employee rights.

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Retaliation in the Workplace: California Employee Sues Employer After Being Fired for Reporting Stolen Wedding Ring

Retaliation in the Workplace - California Employee Sues Employer for Wrongful Termination
Photo Credit: erix! via Compfight cc

California employment and labor laws may protect employees from retaliation in the workplace and negative employment actions enforced by their employers, but a California dental hygienist recently faced retaliation, prompting her to sue and ultimately win her case.

Dental hygienist, Rosa Lee Cardenas, alleged wrongful termination by M. Fanaian, D.D.S., Inc. in 2010 after reporting to police that her expensive 25th anniversary wedding ring was stolen at work. Reedley Police Department officers questioned staff at the dental office two times, then Cardenas’ employer fired her due to the tension the investigation caused with other staff members. The day after Cardenas was let go, the ring was found at the office.

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