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7 Invaluable Minority Business Development Organizations in Los Angeles

Minority Business Development Organizations in Los Angeles
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Did you know that California is home to the most minority-owned businesses in the entire nation? (1.6 million, to be exact.) In Los Angeles County alone, 55% of businesses are led by minority business owners. If you have ever wanted to venture into business ownership in Los Angeles, it’s a great time to start –especially if you’re considered a minority. But where do you even begin?

We’ve compiled the following list of minority business development organizations in Los Angeles that can help you get started on the right foot, or even aid the growth of your current business endeavors.

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7 LGBT Organizations in Los Angeles That You May Not Have Heard Of

Los Angeles LGBT Organizations You May Not Have Heard OfIf you’re a Los Angeles resident, you likely know that California has some of the strongest LGBT anti-discrimination laws in the entire nation. But even though California’s LGBT rights laws started to receive recognition as early as the 1960s, recent EEOC charge statistics show that sexual orientation discrimination still occurs in the workplace, even in California.

Thankfully, there are a large number of LGBT organizations in Los Angeles whose missions include empowering the LGBT community by combating discrimination and violence based upon sexual orientation. While we’ve already shared some of the most well-known Los Angeles LGBT organizations and transgender resources, we’ve decided to showcase seven more that you may not have heard of – until now.

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10 Group Volunteering Opportunities in Los Angeles to Help Employees Give Back This Holiday Season

10-holiday-group-volunteering-opportunities-in-los-angeles-for-employeesIf you’re like us, then it is important that you lend a helping hand to your neighbors whenever possible. While we as attorneys seek to make the community a better place by offering employment law services to employees and serving on boards for various local organizations, the holiday season always has us pondering how we can give back even more. And if you’ve found this blog post, you’re likely thinking the same yourself!

During this season of giving, it is even more helpful to the community if you consider asking your coworkers or employees to participate in a group volunteering day, offering a coworker-backed donation to a local charity, or even adding a fundraising opportunity to your corporate holiday party. Not only will these acts of giving bring comfort to those in need, but they will make everyone in the workplace feel like they are giving back — plus helping workers feel a sense of comradery.

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10 Helpful Los Angeles Veterans Employment Services & Programs

10 Helpful Los Angeles Veterans Employment Services & Programs
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Are you a military veteran looking for employment opportunities in Los Angeles? Whether you just returned from service, have been unemployed for a while, or have faced workplace discrimination due to a disability, there are many veteran-friendly employers in Los Angeles who are looking for your skills and talents right now.

In celebration of Veterans Day, we’ve decided to compile a list of top veterans employment programs and organizations that are passionately working to providestable, sustainable and ideal careers to Southern California veterans of all backgrounds.

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7 Empowering Transgender Resources & Organizations in Los Angeles

7 Los Angeles Transgender Resources and Organizations
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A growing number of transgender people in Los Angeles are deciding to come out and share their stories thanks to the increasing acceptance of transgender individuals. But even while LGBT tolerance is expanding on regional, national, and global levels, transgender people still face many issues that continue to affect the everyday lives of transgender individuals; from sexual orientation discrimination at work, to finding proper healthcare, and even combating violence based upon gender identity.

Thankfully a number of transgender organizations, support groups, and other resources are focused on improving the lives of transgender individuals living in Los Angeles and beyond. The following Los Angeles transgender resources are helping to empower LA’s transgender community through advocacy, community organizing, LGBT suicide prevention initiatives, educational opportunities to families of transgender individuals, and much more.

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5 Resources for Single Parents in Southern California

5 Resources for Single Parents in Southern CaliforniaAs experienced employment lawyers, we have worked with a number of clients in the Los Angeles area who are single parents. While these clients have faced pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination due to a number of unlawful reasons, we’ve found that some have also been in need of other types of assistance in addition to our legal services.

This is why we decided to compile a list of excellent organizations and resources for single parents in Southern California and Los Angeles* that can help those in desperate need of support, housing, financial assistance and more.

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7 Tasty Century City Lunch Spots You Should Try

7 Century City Lunch Spots You Should Try
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As experienced Los Angeles employment attorneys, we always strive to come up with the best solutions for our clients. At times, we are so immersed in our work that once lunchtime rolls around, we don’t have time to think about questions like, “What’s for lunch?”

To help answer this question, we decided to create a list of some of the best lunch spots in Century City that are not only tasty, but fuel our minds and keep us going throughout busy workdays.

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7 Excellent Los Angeles Employment Resources

7 Excellent Los Angeles Employment Resources
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Are you looking for a new job in Los Angeles? Whether have been a victim of wrongful termination and need a temporary office position, or are looking for a long-term career in healthcare, there are quite a few Los Angeles-based employment, staffing, and recruiting agencies that offer both short and long-term placement options for California workers.

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5 California Law Blogs You Should Read

5 California Law Blogs You Should ReadThanks to the power of the internet, anyone can find relevant information on practically any topic imaginable just by doing a quick search on Google. It is no different when an individual is looking for answers on legal topics or searching for a California employment attorney. Unfortunately, many law articles found online lack credible sources and authors; providing inaccurate information to the general public which can go unnoticed to those without legal expertise.

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7 Los Angeles Ethnic Organizations You May Not Know About

7 Los Angeles Ethnic Organizations You May Not Know AboutThe United States has long been a melting pot; a nation built on a diverse foundation of unique cultures from around the globe. In fact, in Los Angeles alone, half of our city’s residents are Latinos, while only 29.4% of the population are non-Hispanic whites.

Because Los Angeles is made up of a variety of ethnic groups, there are a number of ethnic organizations with important goals and missions to serve our city’s culturally-diverse community.

From promoting ethnic artists, to health advocacy, and local businesses, the following organizations are doing important work in the Los Angeles area – and beyond.

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