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How Do I Make an Internal Complaint with HR in California?

How Do I Make an Internal Workplace Complaint with HR in California?
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An employee who feels wronged by an employer may want to make an internal complaint with their human resources department in order to stop workplace discrimination or harassment in its tracks. However, many workers are frightened about heading to HR to file a complaint for a myriad of reasons; whether they feel that HR won’t take them seriously, or even retaliate against them.

While making an internal complaint with HR may be scary, it is crucial for you to stand up for your rights if you feel that your employer is violating California or federal employment laws. But what is the best way to file an internal complaint with HR? Follow these tips if you are considering heading to HR to make sure that your internal complaint is heard and responded to appropriately.

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What to Do When HR is the Bully: Navigating Problems with Human Resources

What to Do When HR is the Problem, the Bully, or Refuses to Help

In the office, the human resources department is your first line of defense when faced with employment discrimination, workplace bullying and harassment, and a slew of other work-related issues. But what if HR is the bully or refuses to help you? This makes for a difficult and sometimes awkward situation, but fortunately, you have options. Here are clear steps you should take if your human resources department is unhelpful or if it is part of the problem.

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25 HR Twitter Accounts Employees Need to Follow Right Now – Infographic

25 HR Twitter Accounts Employees Need to Follow Right Now - HR Infographic

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The journey through employer and employee dynamics can be a tough road to navigate, whether you’re new to your job or have held your position for years. While our employment attorneys can offer a helping hand when it comes to employment discrimination and other employment law matters, your workplace’s human resources department can help with minor work-related issues. Even social networking sites like Twitter offer real-time information on HR topics employees should be following regularly.

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6 HR Blogs Every Employee Should Be Reading

6 HR Blogs Every Employee Should ReadNavigating the ins and outs of complex employer and employee dynamics can be difficult. Whether you just landed your first entry-level position, or have worked hard for a number of years to land that dream job, you can face employment discrimination – or even retaliation if you decide to take a stand against illegal conduct. Thankfully, state and federal law with the help of skilled employment lawyers can protect your rights, but where should you seek answers to your questions about other work-related issues?

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