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Oracle is Facing Two Employment Lawsuits in California

Oracle is Facing Two Employment Lawsuits in California

Oracle was recently hit by two separate employment lawsuits both directed at problems concerning the tech giant’s employees. On one front, the U.S. Department of Labor is suing Oracle for allegedly engaging in discriminatory recruiting and hiring practices as well as engaging in unfair pay practices. Additionally, Oracle is being sued in a class action lawsuit by its employees for alleged violations of California labor laws by imposing clawback provisions on earned commissions after employees have been “replanned”.

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Proposed Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Carl’s Jr. Chain in Los Angeles

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Carl's Jr. in Los Angeles CaliforniaA class action lawsuit was recently filed in California against Carl Karcher Enterprises LLC (CKE) by one current and one former employee of the company’s famous fast food burger chain, Carl’s Jr. The suit alleges that Carl’s Jr. unlawfully suppresses employee wages by preventing franchisees from hiring workers from other franchisees. The employees claim that CKE and its CEO, Andrew Puzder illegally suppress workers’ wages to “ensure that franchisees make money.”

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Apple Loses California Class Action Lawsuit, Must Pay Employees $2 Million for Denying Meal Breaks

Apples Loses Class Action Lawsuit for Violating California Meal and Rest Break Laws

Four Apple retail employees in San Diego filed a California labor lawsuit in 2011 alleging that the company failed to give them required meal and rest breaks, amongst other claims. And now Apple has been ordered to pay $2 million to these employees included in a class of 21,000 California workers.

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California Overtime Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Interstate-RIM Management Company

Unpaid Overtime California Class Action Lawsuit - Interstate RIMWhile California labor and employment laws offer employees protections when it comes to overtime pay and mandated meal and rest periods, California employers often violate these state laws. A recent class action lawsuit filed against Interstate-RIM Management Company LLC alleges that the company failed to include a non-discretionary incentive pay when calculating overtime.

Interstate-RIM is one of the largest hotel management companies in the United States.

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California Employment Class Action Lawsuits: Real Cases

When many people hear about class action cases, they typically think of those that relate to a large group of consumers. But what you may not know is that you can also file workplace discrimination and employment class action lawsuits.

If your California employer is violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), California’s Wage and Hour laws, or the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), you may be able to file a class action suit on behalf of yourself and a group employees who are facing the same unlawful types of employer behaviors. But how do you what an employment class action claim looks like?

The following summaries of real employment and labor class action cases in California will illustrate what constitutes a workplace class action lawsuit, and how this type of claim relates to employee rights laws.

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