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How to Report to Cal OSHA: Filing a Workplace Safety Complaint in California

How to Report to Cal OSHA - File Workplace Safety Complaint in California

Safety hazards are often prevalent in the workplace, whether you work in an office environment or perform manual labor. Did you know that over 12,085 workers’ compensation claims have been filed in California so far this year? And this number is just growing by the day. Therefore, it is essential for all employees to understand how to report unsafe working conditions to Cal-OSHA. Knowing how to file a report could help save you and your coworkers from unnecessary, and even life-threatening injuries.

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Can You Get Workers’ Comp for Stress in California?

Can You Get Workers' Compensation for Stress in California?
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Most of us have been stressed at work at one point or another. While work-related stress can often be short-lived once an important deadline has been met, or you resolve an internal conflict with a co-worker, there are other times when you may suffer from ongoing stress and anxiety at work which can result in serious psychiatric problems.

But can you get workers’ comp for stress just as you can for a physical injury? Maybe. While California does not have a stress leave law per se, California labor law may allow you to file a workers’ compensation claim for a psychiatric injury that was caused by workplace stress. You may also be eligible for unpaid stress leave under the Family Medical Leave Act and California Family Rights Act.

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Apple Loses California Class Action Lawsuit, Must Pay Employees $2 Million for Denying Meal Breaks

Apples Loses Class Action Lawsuit for Violating California Meal and Rest Break Laws

Four Apple retail employees in San Diego filed a California labor lawsuit in 2011 alleging that the company failed to give them required meal and rest breaks, amongst other claims. And now Apple has been ordered to pay $2 million to these employees included in a class of 21,000 California workers.

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California Trucking Companies Avoid Amnesty Deal on Misclassification of Employees

Misclassification of Employees: California Trucking Companies Avoiding Amnesty Deal
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When employees are misclassified by employers as independent contractors, the misclassified workers can be denied important work benefits, such as overtime compensation, the ability to unionize, and other employee benefits. Over the past few years, several motor carrier companies, including several trucking companies in California, have been accused of misclassifying commercial truck driver employees as independent contractors in order to cut costs and boost profits. As a result, California truck drivers are suffering from lost wages.

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California Supreme Court Issues Ruling on Duty-Free Rest Breaks for Non-Exempt Employees

California Employees Entitled to Duty-Free Rest Breaks
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According to a recent decision by the California Supreme Court in the case of Augustus v. ABM Security Services, Inc., California employees are entitled to breaks during their work day that must be duty-free, meaning that an employee cannot be required to perform any work-related job functions during his or her break time, including being on-call.

Failure to allow employees to have completely duty-free breaks can result in severe financial liability for the employer. Employers are required to pay employees up to one full hour’s worth of regular rate pay for any legally mandated breaks taken by employees that were not completely duty-free.

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Federal Holiday Pay Laws for Exempt Employees in California: Common Questions

Federal Holiday Pay Laws for Exempt Employees in California
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The joys of the holiday season are quickly approaching, so it’s important for exempt, salaried employees to understand whether their employers are complying with California federal holiday pay laws.

The following article answers common questions regarding federal holiday pay laws specifically for exempt employees in California.

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California Teacher Tenure Laws Upheld by State Supreme Court

California Teacher Tenure Laws Upheld by California Supreme Court
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It has been a very good year for California teachers, as these workers just notched their second victory of 2016 in a landmark employment law case.

This time, the setting was the California Supreme Court, as the justices voted not to consider Vergara vs. California. In this case, a group of students sued to overturn the tenure system, which they claimed degraded the quality of education in the Golden State.

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New California Judicial Opinion Negates Class-Action Waiver Clauses in Employment Contracts

California Judicial Opinion Employment Contracts Class Action Waivers
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In Morris v. Ernst & Young, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently weighed in on the national debate on class-action waivers in employment contracts. Most potential defendants – including employers – will do almost anything to avoid facing class-action lawsuits, simply because the damage awards are so high. For example, two former Wells Fargo employees just filed a class-action lawsuit in California that demands a whopping $2.6 billion in damages; the lawsuit involves allegedly unrealistic sales quotas.
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Quitting a Job in California: What are Your Rights?

Quitting a Job in California - What are Your Rights?
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When you decide to quit your job because you’ve found another, or you want to leave a job due to an unfavorable working environment, employment and labor laws in California can protect you from negative employer actions. In fact, your employer is required under law to give you your final paycheck within a certain time period. If they do not, then they could face some unwelcome penalties.

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