Armeen Neshat – Norberto Ochoa – Yesenia Lomeli

Armeen Neshat Hennig Ruiz Law Firm

Armeen Neshat

Armeen Neshat is the Legal Assistant for the firm, having joined in 2014. Armeen previously served as a Corps Member in Teach For America, teaching History and English in an underprivileged neighborhood of Tulsa. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in History and Politics from Hendrix College in May 2013. Armeen served as the President of the Hendrix College Debate and Student Congress Delegation and founded the Hendrix College Mock Trial Team, all of which have won several state and national awards.

Norberto Ochoa Hennig Ruiz Law Firm

Norberto Ochoa

Norberto Ochoa Hennig Ruiz Law FirmNorberto Ochoa is the Office Manager of the firm, having joined in 2010. He previously worked as a Postal Clerk in the United States Army and received his Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. Norberto is currently planning to get his California Teaching Credential to eventually transition into a career in high school education.

Yesenia Lomeli Hennig Ruiz Law Firm

Yesenia Lomeli

Yesenia Lomeli joined the firm as an Administrative Legal Assistant for the firm in 2015. Yesenia graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Telecommunications from California State University, Los Angeles in June of 2014.  Her Bachelor focuses on Television and Film, including Media Law emphasizing first amendment concerns, libel, privacy and copyright/intellectual property.

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